Hackhotels.com is a service that offers you a cheaper alternative to your existing hotel reservation. You’ll get the same hotel and the same dates, but at a lower cost. All you have to do is upload your voucher on our website, wait for the best price and once you have one, cancel your existing reservation. Then, we’ll book you an identical deal. However, we recommend that you make sure that your existing booking is fully refundable.

Nothing, nil, nada!
Using Hackhotels.com is completely, 100% safe and you have nothing to lose. You don’t pay unless we book and guarantee the accommodation.

A hotel comparison website is static; it will only show you the best deals for that day. And with hotel prices changing by the minute, you are never guaranteed of the lowest price. Moreover, none of these websites offer real-time information on price drops, and that is where our expertise becomes important. With our technology, we continually monitor hotel prices across channels over several months. There are even chances that a hotel price may drop further after you book it on Hackhotels.com. If that does happen, we will give you a cashback to cover the difference!

It’s no big deal; these things happen! We completely understand and support your decision to cancel or amend your booking on Hackhotels.com or its partner websites. Before initiating a cancellation, we suggest that you refer to the terms sent to you via email prior to booking, as these will outline the cancellation policy. Next, visit Hackhotels.com and send us a request for cancellation. A member of our customer service team will address your request on priority and try to get your refund processed at the earliest.

Are you kidding? No way! Once we have the best price for you, we’ll inform you via email. The existing booking can be cancelled by you at your time and convenience. Once you have cancelled your existing booking, you can pay us for your new one.

At Hackhotels.com, we know how tiring it can be to alter bookings. That’s why, we make sure to provide you with an adequate credit window. There’s no hurry at all, and we want the process to be as smooth and enjoyable as possible. We will notify you in advance of the due date, so that you can plan your payment accordingly. We try and keep this date as close to your arrival as possible, leaving you with enough time to unlock cash from your existing booking.

Of course! Every booking comes with a cancellation window; within which you can cancel your booking for a refund. Beyond that window, however, the booking becomes non-refundable, unless otherwise stated.

The sooner, the better. We are constantly scouting for the best prices, so there are chances that we might find a price drop the same day you upload your voucher.

Absolutely! There is no problem at all in making an identical reservation in your name in the same hotel. However, we would recommend that you cancel your existing booking once you have confirmed your new one. In cases where multiple passengers are travelling, we prefer to make the booking in another name, after due consent from you.

Yes, we’re that sure! We’ve been in the travel industry for over 4 years now and know how to get you the right deals at the right time.

As much as it hurts us to say this, you unfortunately can’t. We’d love to serve you the next time around though. Just make sure that your next booking is refundable.

Well, when you upload your voucher or contact information in our system, an account is automatically created for you. Your account will track your booking history, and you can use it to keep a track of your booking status.

Currently, we are associated with hotels that are classified as 3 star and above. These could be any hotels, in any country. We are not affiliated to any particular groups or chains.