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Start by uploading your booking voucher on Hackhotels.com after double checking that your existing hotel booking is fully refundable. If your booking is eligible for a free cancellation, go right ahead.

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After you upload your voucher, it’ll reach one of our agents, who will start inspecting it. But the validation process is just as thorough. Once your booking is validated, your details will be captured and entered in our database.

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Once we have all your details in place, our proprietary algorithm will continually check for price drops in the same hotel. When our top squad of cost-busters establish a best price for your deal, we’ll send you an email right away!

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Now that you’ve got a cheaper deal, it is time to cancel your existing booking. Follow the instructions on your existing booking voucher to initiate a cancellation. Then, pay for your new booking on Hackhotels.com. And your switch is made, just like that!

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Give us your reservation voucher within 24hours of booking and get 10% Flat off.


Make new reservations by giving us a target price.HackHotels will set a deadline for payment.

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Once we have your reservation in place,you will receive email updates notifying of a Price Drop!

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All reservations are guaranteed by HackHotels.com & will be honored by the hotel.

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All Hotels come at a free cancellation deadline,Get all your money back incase of cancellations.t&c here.

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HackHotels.com's algorithm works tirelessly to compare multiple sources and inventories from across the globe so that you dont have to.

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